Google My Business

Having an active presence on GMB is essential to driving quality customers to your website. You will not only increase your search rank in local Google results, but also in Google Maps.

Google My Business is the most important thing you can do to get your local business in front of potential business leads, and we will help you to create an optimized profile page containing all relevant business information.

Local SEO

As a small local business, it is essential to get your brand and products out in front of your local customer base. While larger businesses are concerned with SEO ranking in searches across the country, local SEO provides small businesses a focused way of increasing their search ranking within their local client base.


Include Specific Location Pages

If your company includes multiple locations, you can boost your local SEO rank if you create a dedicated page for each branch. The same is true if you offer many different services, and your website will achieve greater online visibility if you create a dedicated page for each service offering.

Local Blog Posts

Whether you create a blog section on your own site, or provide backlinks through other site’s blogs, this can be a helpful business tool. Creating optimized content about local events and news will bump you up the local SEO search rankings, leading to greater visibility and credibility within your local customer base.

Our local SEO services will bring your company website to the forefront of searches by your local community residents. We provide services that will help you optimize content within Google My Business, Location Pages, and Local Blog Posts.


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