How to install Google Analytics GA4, the easy way!

Google Analytics GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics. At the moment there are not many integrations that connect with the new versions, so it is advisable to use both the Universal Google analytics and the new property GA4.


If you already have installed Google Analytics, then adding the new property is really easy.

(You need to have Google Tag Manager already installed)


  1. Visit the Admin section under your current Google Analytics and click on GA4 Setup Assistant




2.  Click on Get Started:


3.  Click on  Create Property


create g4 property


4. In the next Step Click on See Your G4 Property 

5. Click on Tag Installation 


ga4 installtion


6. Under Data Streams click on Web 

7. A new window will open and you can see Webstream details copy the Measurement ID 

9. Go to your Google Tag Manager Account

10. Under tags click Add a new tag then choose the Google Analytics GA4 Configuration 


google analytics ga4 configuration


11. Paste the Measurement ID and choose Triggering on All Pages

12. Publish all the changes that you did to your GTM container



That’s it. Now your GA4 is installed on your site.




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