5 Creative Ideas for Local Google Ad Copy That Drives Clicks

You must write interesting ad copy for your local Google Ads to stand out in the digital world. People who might become buyers need to be interested, and you want them to click and do something. You can make your ads more useful and interesting by making the message fit the people in your area.

Here are some creative ideas and techniques to help you write ads that get more clicks from people in your area. These tips, like using local slang and going to events in your community, will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level and get them to buy from you.

Ideas for Local Google Ad Copy

1. Use slang or phrases from the area

Using local slang or words in your Google Ad copy can connect with the people you want to reach. It shows that you know about the culture there, and it can make your ad feel more relevant and personalized.

Some creative ways to use local language in your ad writing are listed below:

  • Embrace the Local Tongue: Identify words or phrases that are unique to the area and weave them into your messaging. For example, if you’re targeting New Yorkers, using the term “The Big Apple” could create a sense of belonging.
  • Casual Greetings: Start your ad with a local greeting. In Australia, for instance, “G’day” can be a friendly opener that immediately localizes your ad.
  • Slang for Sales: Promote discounts or sales using local slang. In the UK, you might advertise a “brilliant bargain” instead of just a sale.
  • Local Sayings for CTA: Use local sayings in your call-to-action (CTA). In Texas, “Y’all come back now!” could be a playful way to invite repeat business.
  • Nicknames for Places: Refer to the location by its local nickname. If you’re advertising a service in Philadelphia, referring to it as “Philly” can create an instant connection.

Remember that the most important thing is to use the phrase in a way that seems natural and real. Doing too much or the wrong thing can fail, so it’s important to know how people in your area talk.

In the right situations, it can be a good way to make your ad stand out and bring in local people.

Saying things in the local language or talking about well-known places can help you connect with possible customers in a real way.

2. Local Landmarks as Reference Points

Using local sites in your Google Ad copy is a smart way to get people’s attention and show that you are present in the area. Here’s how to make this method work for you:

  • Familiar Icons: Mentioning a well-known landmark can immediately draw attention. For example, “Find the best pizza just steps from the Space Needle!”
  • Directional Cues: Use landmarks as directional references to help potential customers locate your business. For instance, “Turn right at the Art Museum to discover the finest coffee in town.”
  • Event Tie-Ins: Connect your services or products to events at local landmarks. For example, “Gear up for summer concerts at the Amphitheater with 15% off portable chairs.”
  • Historical Ties: If your business has a historical link to a landmark, highlight it. “Serving the community since 1950, right across from the Historic Courthouse.”
  • Visual Storytelling: Include imagery of landmarks in your display ads for visual association and recognition. “Your fitness journey starts here—with views of the Gateway Arch!”

Not only does using locations help with location-based targeting, but it also makes people feel safe and at ease. It’s a way to make your ad stand out from others and appeal to people’s sense of neighborhood pride.

When writing ads that are optimized for local search, it’s best to use local references because they help connect with the community and make the ads more relevant.

3. Highlight Local Specials or Exclusives

By giving something that is only available in their area, highlighting local deals or specials in your Google Ad copy can help you get local customers. Here are some nice and unique ways to do this:

  • Seasonal Deals: Offer promotions that align with local seasons or weather. For instance, “Beat the Miami heat with our exclusive summer cool-down specials!”
  • Local Event Promotions: Tie your special offers to local events, like festivals or sports games. “Celebrate the county fair with 20% off all carnival essentials!”
  • Community Collaboration: Partner with other local businesses for joint promotions. “Get a free coffee from [Local Café] with every purchase at our bookstore!”
  • Exclusive Local Products: Feature products that are only available in your local store. “Try our limited-edition [City Name] themed chocolates, only at our downtown shop!”
  • Time-Sensitive Discounts: Create urgency with offers limited to certain days or hours that cater to local routines. “Happy Hour just got happier! Discounts on local craft beer from 5-7 PM every Friday.”

By using the appeal of limited-time offers and making your ad copy more interesting, these tips can help you get more people to come in. For your ads to be as effective as possible, you should know what your target audience likes and match your words to that. StrategyBeam says that timing your ads to coincide with limited-time deals and special offers is a great way to get more people to see them and bring in customers looking for those specific deals.

4. Use Local Testimonials

Using local testimonials in your Google Ad copy can significantly enhance trust and credibility among your target audience. Here’s how to leverage this strategy:

  • Authentic Reviews: Incorporate genuine testimonials from local customers. “Join hundreds of happy clients from [Your City] who say we’re the best in the business!”
  • Local Faces: Feature photos or videos of local customers in your ads (with their permission), adding a personal touch. “Meet [Customer’s Name], a local foodie, who loves our farm-to-table menu!”
  • Case Studies: Use specific examples of how your product or service has positively impacted a local customer or business. “See how [Local Company] boosted their revenue by 50% with our marketing services.”
  • Localized Star Ratings: Show off your high local ratings. “Rated 5 stars by [Neighborhood] residents for our unmatched customer service!”
  • Community Endorsements: Get endorsements from local figures or influencers that resonate with your target audience. “Voted ‘Best Coffee in Town’ by [Local Celebrity or Influencer].”

By talking about good things that have happened in the community, you can make your message more familiar and convincing, which can get people in the area to try your products. WordStream says that feedback advertising is a great way to get people excited about your brand and build trust in it, which can lead to more people clicking on your ads.

5. Create Urgency with Local Events

Creating a sense of urgency in your Google Ad copy by tying in local events can be a highly effective way to drive immediate clicks and action. Here are some creative ideas to implement this strategy:

  • Event Countdowns: Use a countdown timer leading up to a local event to encourage prompt action. “Only 3 days left to get your exclusive gala night outfit before the [Local Event]!”
  • Limited-Time Offers: Align special promotions with local happenings. “Score a touchdown with our game-day specials available only during [Local Sports Event] weekend!”
  • Event-Based Services: Offer services that are in high demand around local events. “Book your wedding photography with us before [Local Bridal Fair] and secure an early-bird discount!”
  • Seasonal Campaigns: Capitalize on the local event calendar, offering deals that correspond to the seasonal activities. “Get ready for the [Local Festival]! Enjoy 20% off all outdoor gear until [Event Date].”
  • Flash Sales: Trigger quick responses by announcing flash sales related to local celebrations. “Flash Sale! In honor of [Local Holiday], we’re offering exclusive discounts for the next 24 hours!”

By writing ad copy that connects your products or services to events happening in the near future, you not only get people to act quickly, but you also show that your business cares about the community.

This method can help you stand out, especially when there’s a lot going on in the area and people are ready to make a decision right away. Using urgency in your marketing writing can help you get more conversions and sales because it makes people want to act quickly to get the deals before they’re gone.

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