The Do’s and Don’ts in Evaluating Qualities of a Reliable Digital Partner

Evaluating the qualities of a reliable digital partner is the key in making the right choice from the start. The process involves more than just a quick Google search and going with the first option that pops up. It requires thorough research and careful evaluation to ensure that the partner you choose aligns with your specific business goals and needs.

Do: Look for Relevant Experience and Expertise

Sender found that 61% of marketers struggles with generating traffic and leads, highlighting the need for effective digital marketing campaigns. Look for someone who has a proven track record in delivering results for similar projects in your industry. Imagine you’re a plumbing company owner in a small town looking to offer your services in a nearby city. A digital marketing partner who has worked on a similar project understands that they’d need to research the city’s local plumbing market.

They’ll also have to consider the competitors you have in the new area to adjust their approach when marketing your services.Thanks to their previous experience, they’re already familiar with the local regulations in the city. The qualities of a reliable digital partner guarantees that your expansion efforts don’t hamper your company’s daily operations. You also feel at ease because you’ll weather the competition in the city with their help.

Don’t: Depend on Price Alone

Although cost is an important factor to consider, relying solely on price when selecting your digital marketing partner can lead to subpar results. Quality should always take precedence over cost. Opting for the cheapest option may result in ineffective strategies and poor ROI. Instead, focus on the value and expertise they can bring to the table.

It makes little sense to work with someone that costs $2,000 a month when you can hire a digital marketing partner with a team of experts in search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for $5,000 a month. While their services cost more upfront, their expertise and comprehensive strategy around your business goals guarantees you see the results you paid for. You might even be surprised when they exceed your expectations.

Do: Prioritize Transparency

Being open and honest about their strategies, processes, results, and pricing, is among the qualities of a reliable digital partner. They’ll provide you a detailed breakdown of their fees and they won’t surprise you with hidden costs or upsells down the line. This transparency gives you the confidence that they’re working in your best interest. It shows they care about building a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with you.

Let’s say you hired a digital marketing partner to redesign your website and SEO. During the planning, you mentioned that the project involves optimizing for voice search. Although they’re experienced with SEO, they admitted that voice search optimization isn’t part of their expertise. They could recommend bringing in a specialized freelancer or subcontractor to fill the gap. Otherwise, they may suggest adjusting the project scope to align with their existing resources.

Don’t: Overlook Analytics and Reporting

According to TDInsights, businesses that prioritize data-driven marketing are 5 times more likely to improve customer retention. It suggests that using data as the basis for your marketing decisions increases your profit potential. The qualities of a reliable digital partner should include the ability to closely monitor the performance of your digital marketing campaigns and make adjustments based on the data they collect.

An example is running a Facebook social media advertising campaign. Your digital marketing partner will track metrics, like impressions, clicks, engagement, and conversions. Watch this video to learn more about the proper way of spending your marketing budget:

If they notice that certain ad variations are performing better than others, they will allocate a bigger portion of your budget to those top-performing ads. Likewise, if they notice that some demographics or interests are responding better to your ads, they’ll refine your targeting to focus on those audiences. This minimizes wasted resources on targeting audiences that aren’t interested in your products or services.

Do: Establish Clear Goals and Expectations

Before you look for the qualities of a reliable digital partner, take some time to think about what you want to accomplish. Do you want to increase website traffic, generate more leads, or boost sales? Be specific and make it quantifiable. Instead of saying “I want more customers,” set a goal to increase your customer base by 20% in the next six months.

Communicate your expectations and help your digital marketing partner to understand your needs. They should exhaust all efforts to understand your business, target audience, and unique challenges before developing a customized marketing strategy. It should outline the specific strategies and tactics they’ll use to achieve your goals. As well as a clear timeline and milestones to track your progress.

Don’t: Work with Someone Who Doesn’t Share Your Values

Values alignment in partnerships creates a more positive and productive environment for working towards a common goal. It fosters mutual respect for each other’s opinions and ideas, and encourages trust in one another’s judgment. Even when they disagree, they approach differences with empathy and work through them together.

Choose a partner who aligns with your company culture, mission, and vision. In a Deloitte study, businesses that prioritize values alignment in marketing goals are more likely to achieve long-term success and growth. If you value speed and efficiency, but your partner is more focused on perfection, it will lead to conflicts and delays.

You’ll get frustrated waiting for them to fine-tune every detail, while they’re left unsatisfied for being unable to deliver their best work. Your priority on speed may push you to turn to quick solutions that compromise on quality to meet the deadlines, causing oversights in the marketing strategy. Meanwhile, your partner’s emphasis on perfection delays the project through excessive rounds of revisions, adding to the campaign’s total cost. Their critical nature may overlook important elements of the campaign, like targeting the right audience, undermining its overall effectiveness.

Where Can You Find a Reliable Digital Marketing Partner?

Referrals remain to be the best way to locate a reliable digital marketing partner. This is because they come from trusted sources who have firsthand knowledge of the partner’s capabilities and record. Referrals often come with specific details about the endorsed person’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance. This gives you a clear picture of what to expect from your potential partnership. More importantly, referrals save you time and effort in the search process by directing you to partners which other professionals have already vetted.

How to Evaluate a Potential Digital Marketing Partner

Ask for References

Ask for references from their past and current clients to better understand their work quality, communication style, and overall efficiency. Part of the qualities of a reliable digital partner is having a list of satisfied clients who can vouch for their services.

For example, Digital Trek offers comprehensive SEO services to help clients rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Our testimonials page features client reviews about our proven track record in increasing search engine rankings for our clients’ websites. Contact us and get a free quote! Reach out to these clients and ask about their experience working with the partner and the results they achieved. Ask about the problems they came across throughout the project.

Also, find out whether the digital marketing partner could meet deadlines and stay within budget. This should give you a good idea of what to expect about their performance when working with them.

Review Their Portfolio

Inspect their portfolio, including their website, social media profiles, and any case studies or examples of projects they’ve done for other clients. Pay attention to their design aesthetic, writing style, and creativity in gauging their overall approach to digital marketing. Having a diverse portfolio satisfies the qualities of a reliable digital partner because it showcases their expertise in various industries and marketing channels.

Look for case studies that demonstrate the impact of their work on the client’s business. Positive metrics, such as increased website traffic or higher conversion rates, are a good sign that you can expect a similar quality work.

Assess Their Communication Style

Responsiveness, attentiveness, and profiency in explaining complex ideas in a simple way are integral qualities of a reliable digital partner. They act as your trusted advisor who gives regular updates on how things are going. They share metrics from website traffic and engagement rates to conversion numbers. They’ll break it down in simple terms, explaining what each number means for your business.

As well as inform you whether your campaigns are reaching the expected results. If something isn’t working as well as expected, your digital marketing partner would be upfront about it and work with you to troubleshoot the issue. They’ll offer suggestions on optimizing your campaigns for better performance. This could include tweaking your ad copy or targeting different keywords. They are a true partner in every sense of the word, working alongside you to build your brand and getting the results set at the beginning of the project.

Tap Into the Qualities of a Reliable Digital Partner to Beat Your Competitors

Placing a huge value on the qualities of a reliable digital partner gives your business an edge over your competitors in the digital space.You gain access  to a team of experts who can handle trend analysis and stay up-to-date with the best practices in the industry on your behalf. They’ll also work closely with you to develop tailored strategies that align with your business goals. And each executed marketing campaign sets up your company for long-term success.

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