10 Essential SEO Strategies for Increasing Organic Traffic

  • April 17, 2024
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Getting more visitors to your website doesn’t always involve paying for ads or promotions. In this blog, I will guide you through ten simple SEO strategies, to make your site more visible and attractive to search engines like Google. Learn how these easy steps can help your website increase organic traffic.

What Are the SEO Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic?

1. Understanding Keywords

Finding out what words people use when they look for products or services online can help you create content that draws more attention to your website in search results. Using the right words in your content is important because it helps bring in visitors who are genuinely interested in what you offer. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs give you information on how many people are searching for such words, how tough the competition is, and how to pick less common words that still attract many visitors but with less competition.

When adding these keywords to your content, do it naturally. Putting too many keywords on purpose will not be suitable for search engines, and it will make your content less enjoyable to read. Instead, use these keywords where they fit smoothly into your titles, headings, and within the content, in a way that feels natural. It helps your site improve search results and keeps your articles enjoyable and useful to your readers.

2. Creating Useful Content

Providing helpful content to your readers helps build trust and makes them more likely to share your content and link back to your site, boosting your position in search results. Creating content that genuinely interests your audience is important, keeping them on your page longer and lowering the chance they’ll leave quickly. Remember that good content solves problems, answers questions, and addresses the specific needs of your readers. Understanding what your readers are looking for allows you to create useful and timely content.

Additionally, effective use of SEO strategies is important. But, it still works best when your content directly connects with your readers, keeping them interested and making them want to return for more. Creating high-quality content is key to increase organic traffic to your website.

3. Making Your Website Search-Friendly (On-Page SEO Techniques)

On-page SEO is all about ensuring the parts of your website that you control, like titles, descriptions, and content, are easy for search engines to understand. It can help get your site listed higher in search results. Using your main keywords in your titles, descriptions, headings, and web address indicates what your content is about. Make sure your content is high-quality, meets your readers’ needs, and uses your keywords in a way that makes sense. Linking between pages on your site can help keep your readers engaged and help search engines understand your site.

Adding descriptions to your images helps search engines list your content and makes it more accessible for everyone. Ensure your site loads fast, works well on mobile devices and is easy to use can also play a big role. With these simple on-page SEO strategies, you can increase the chance of your site being found in search results, increasing organic traffic.

4. Building Quality Links

Improving the visibility of your website can be achieved through link-building strategies, which involve getting good-quality, external websites to link to your pages. These kinds of backlinks make your site appear more trustworthy, which helps improve how your site shows up in search results. One way to get these valuable backlinks is to create great content that other websites will want to link to.  Writing guest posts on other blogs can be a good way to share your expertise and get a link to your site.

Sharing your content on social media platforms can help get your work in front of more people and may lead to more people linking to it.  But remember, buying backlinks or using other tactics that might seem like cheating is not good practice.  Search engines can penalize you for this behavior, hurting your site’s ranking in search results. Instead, focus on creating quality content and letting others know about it.  It is one of the SEO strategies that can help grow your website’s organic traffic genuinely and sustainably.

5. Checking Your Website (Technical SEO Audit)

A technical SEO audit is like giving your website a check-up.  It helps find and fix anything that might be causing problems for search engines trying to scan your site, which can help get your site listed higher in search results. Technical SEO is about improving the nuts and bolts of your site, like how fast your site loads, how well it works on mobile devices, and how secure it is. When you do an audit, you should check for things like how fast your site loads, how well it works on different types of devices, if there are any broken links or errors, if any of the content is the same on different pages, and if your site is structured in a way that makes sense.

There are tools like Google Search Console and PageSpeed Insights that can help you spot these issues. Having the same content on different pages can split your traffic and make your pages seem less important. Broken links can make getting around your site harder for visitors and more challenging for search engines to scan. Fixing these issues can help you make your site easier to use and more attractive to search engines and visitors, increasing organic traffic.

6. Utilizing Local SEO

Local SEO is a way of making your business more visible to people searching online in your area.  It’s beneficial for small and medium businesses wanting to attract more customers. If you run a business that serves a specific location, you can make sure that people nearby can find you when they search online. One of the first things to do is to set up your Google My Business listing. It affects how your business appears on Google Maps and local search results.

Make sure all your business information is correct and complete, including your address, opening hours, and the services you offer. It’s also a good idea to ask your happy customers to leave positive reviews on your Google My Business profile and any other sites that might be relevant. These online reviews can significantly impact whether someone decides to use your business and help you show up higher in local search results.

Respond to these reviews as quickly as possible, whether good or bad. Say thank you for the positive feedback, and handle any negative comments professionally. Having your business’s name, address, and phone number consistent across the internet and your local SEO strategies can help in increasing your organic traffic.

7. Sharing Content Effectively

Creating great content, like interesting blog posts, eye-catching infographics, engaging videos, or insightful podcasts, is the first step. You need to spread that content to make the most of all that hard work. Sharing your content on social media can help you reach many more people, and you can even target certain groups with your content if you want. Posting your content in a way best suited for each social media platform can get more people involved and lead them back to your website.

You can also share your content on other respected websites, introducing your business to new people and creating valuable links that help search engines find you more easily. The more consistent you are in creating and sharing your content, the more trust you build with your audience.  That consistency can also help keep your business front and center in their minds and increase organic traffic over time.

8. Using Social Media Wisely

While social media doesn’t directly affect how search engines rank your site, it does have an indirect impact by helping more people notice your content and your business. Effectively sharing your content on social media can bring many more people to your website. Different social media platforms, like LinkedIn Articles, Instagram Stories, or Facebook Live, have features that let you share various content with your audience.

Being active on social media—responding to comments, sharing, liking, replying – can help your business reach more people. Creating a solid group of followers on social media and leading them back to your website can significantly increase your traffic. So, combine your SEO strategies and a good social media strategy, and you can increase the organic traffic of your website.

9. Optimizing for Voice Search

With more people using voice-activated devices like smartphones and smart speakers, it’s important to ensure your content can easily be found through spoken questions. Try to use long phrases and questions that people are likely to say out loud when you’re planning your content. Also, make sure your website works well on mobile devices and loads quickly, as this helps with being found through voice search.

10. Monitoring and Updating

To stay ahead with your website, you must monitor how it’s doing in search results. Checking how well your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are doing regularly can tell you what’s working and what you need to change. By looking at your website statistics, such as how quickly your pages load, how often people leave your site quickly, and how they move around your site, you can make adjustments to improve their experience. Updating your website with new and relevant content and keywords can make your site more likely to come up in searches.

Making sure all your links work and your website is easy to navigate by fixing any errors and updating your site map helps people and search engines find their way around your site more easily. Also, keeping an eye on who’s linking to your site can show you good opportunities for getting high-quality links that point to your site. Making these kinds of updates in response to what you find from monitoring your website’s performance can help ensure your site keeps getting found in search engines, which can lead to more people visiting your site over time.


You don’t always have to spend money on ads to get more visitors to your website. With smart SEO tactics, you can make your site more visible and draw in organic traffic. So try these strategies we just discussed to increase your website’s organic traffic and see your online presence grow in no time! I’ve seen great results using these methods, and I’m confident they’ll work for you too!

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