Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the fundamental block of any digital marketing activity! If you can't measure it, you can't improve it! 

Web Analytics Through Google Analaytics

Understanding your audience, where do they come from, what channels do they use, which pages do they visit, how long do they stay on the site, what are their interest and what action do they take, is the essence of digital marketing.

Google Analytics helps us to identify the ideal target audience for your company and how to target them. 

At Digital Trek we are experts at helping small and medium businesses identifying their most profitable channels, where to invest and to maximize your return on ad spend.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is like a 'bucket" where you can put all your tags without installing them yourself on the site! You don't need to write code or install code manually on your site. Install Google Tag Manager and work on the container for any tag that you want to install on your site! 

Google Analytics

Google has announced a new Google Analytics property, G4. We take care of Google Analytics creating and installation for the old Google Analytics Universal property and for the new property 

Lead tracking

We install all the necessary tagging code in order to track the most valuable actions on your site. It gives you an idea of how many leads is your site generating and what is the source of these leads. We create goals to capture any valuable action for your business. 

Web Analytics Education  

Are you new to the online world and you need help to understand how the web analytics tools work? We could help you by doing education sessions for you and your entire organization so you can have a better understanding of how valuable your website is for your business.


Do you need help to understand your audience and capture your leads? 


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Let us help you track the most valuable action on your site and create goals in order to measure the performance of your online presence!